My design is for the character to jump over hurdles, to do this i needed to follow a tutorial where i could allow the user to use arrows keys with in as3 and make the character run and jump. I went about find a tutorial which is like a platform game as this is the main factor of any platform game. As i had my own background and character i tried to incorpate my design with this tutorial, trying to keep the boundaries  the same so the character would not be able to just go left and right and jump rather then being able to walk through hurdles. But the tutorial i followed had levels and items to collect which i feel did not relate to my game therefore i did not included these. The concept of my game was to be an athlete promoting nike wearing nike clothes and trainers, their brand is do with sports i felt this was a good idea. I wanted to also include a timer, as part of the game was to beat the clock. My design idea was to use a race track as background relating to olympics and training.




Sidescrolling Platformer Game